$611 billion

"According to Professor Robert Mansell, Albertans have given Canada $611 billion more in federal taxes than we have received back in transfers and services since 1961. Albertans have made a net contribution of $200 billion in the last decade alone. That means an Alberta family of four has contributed an average of $14,700 per year to the rest of the country over the past six decades."  (Page 101 - UCP platform 2019)  CLICK HERE for our information source

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WATCH here for the reason
why Canada should NOT 
take anymore money  
(they call it transfer payments) 
out of Alberta:

So if you consider this a problem 
(and to be sure even some Albertans don't),
what is the answer?

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Abolish Provinces?


For the "basic" facts about
How Alberta and Saskatchewan Compare
TO --- the rest of Canada and the World
WATCH  this YouTube video:
The Shocking Truth 
About Alberta 
and Saskatchewan